Seeing With Your Eyes Closed


One of the greatest handicaps of man today is an inability to see without the eyes; his values, desires, sentiments and judgments are totally based on what he can feel, hear, taste, see and smell. Yes these are basic sensory functions and they make life safer but we can survive without any or all of the above mentioned senses; that tells you they are not indispensable; they support life, they don’t make it! They protect life, they don’t engender it! It is possible to have a functional sense, and be deficient in that very area if your ability to interpret its messages is warped. For instance, having your eyes intact can be blinding and debilitating if you cannot judge past the immediate circumstance; you see, sometimes things aren’t as they seem.

Nothing cripples like letting the observable or apparent circumstances of your life decide where your life should go. The circumstances of your life are just that- ‘circumstances’! They change, they are not enduring; life itself is not!  It is an unfortunate twist to have your eyes but have lost your sight! Can you see without your eyes? Can you visualize things with your eyes closed? Can you look past today, into tomorrow; into years from now? Can you envision a better life than what you have now no matter how good or deplorable it is?

Some people lived centuries ago but shared the civilization and persuasion of our day; the Greek Philosophers saw democracy, Michael Faraday saw an electrified planet, and the Wright brothers could see man fly! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived at a time in Black history when it was nearly impossible to imagine Blacks being treated fairly in America, but he had a more audacious dream than that; he saw more than fair treatment for his people, he saw equality with their white counterparts! People lived in their day but refused to be held bound by the dogma and fettering beliefs of their time; the French Monk Nostradamus wasn’t the only man who saw tomorrow, every notable scientist, philosopher, writer and leader who has shaped the world we live in now saw past the world of their day!


I know there is a culture around you that seems formidable and obstinate but if you want your name to be in kids’ nursery rhymes in 2088 or be the subject of someone’s thesis in 2144; if you want your name to be around long after you are gone, then you are going to have to shut your eyes to what you see around you right now; to the world as it is to the world you envisage; one of your own creation! You need to picture a reality so strong it obliterates the reality you are living in now. And though it seems unrealistic today, in time to come it may be the only reality the world knows!

Do not let the dates 2088 and 2144 take you aback, 2144 is only a little over a century away, it is even possible to be talked about till the end of time, Jesus Christ is proof of that. You can become as relevant to mankind as the English word ‘is’ is to basic phraseology . That however shouldn’t be the goal; the goal should be making the world a better place as Jesus has clearly done.

Wake up every day with a need and a cause greater than yours; let something from another time and persuasion seize you and put you to an aversion to the norm around you. Let your eyes see past your nose, far into the horizon where something the world has never seen nor yet experienced lurks! Take a mind journey to the future and from there see a better world, and when you come back, let that vision hold you firmly for a lifetime, it will take hold of others long after you are gone!

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