Introducing TalkCulture #bringbackourvalues

Speaking your mind, how hard is it really? Well, when you think about it, it’s a vortex, especially when you realize how many times you’ve not said how you really felt for fear of sounding politically incorrect; or when you’ve looked the other way as someone else got victimized; you were right there, and you saw it all happen but it didn’t stop you in your tracks. I’m definite your memory is replete with times and occasions when you saw wrong and said nothing, as long as it didn’t touch you.

If it’s any consolation you are not alone in your misdoing; we’ve all grown quiet in some way; the whole world is living in denial – and it is our repressive way of coping with the harshness of the reality of the growing decadence; entire populations have been decimated as the world looked on, unruffled because we could still buy and sell! We are quiet about the increasing drug use, violence, unemployment, civil unrest and about every other thing wrong with our local communities.

We may not realize it but our silence is an insignia to something quite dangerous to our common existence; we are being ‘desensitized’ and it is the first step on our journey to being dehumanized! We don’t ‘feel’ like we used to and we definitely don’t ‘communicate’ like we used to. We’ve grown really selfish and silent, and we need a checkup!

You might ask, ‘how much difference can one man make, really?’ A world of difference I tell you; a single woman in the United States of America stirred such rave in the senate making it possible for the abortion bill to be passed into law and now over a  million abortions are performed every year; meaning over a million babies are killed every year from abortions alone! One man can make a difference!

There’s a lot going on in our neighborhoods, schools, local communities, and lives we can do something about by just speaking up. In a manner of speaking silence is consent!  Let your voice be heard, let it be on the record you said something.  We owe posterity that much. Let’s do this for a better life and for the sakes of our children.

I welcome you to TalkCulture with Wamdzu; a talk show making an incursion into the heartland of the seeming human conspiracy of silence; it is a TV experience that will definitely challenge your perception of the world around you and your response to its growing needs.

Enjoy and share if you like!